Weekly Classes

We have a variety of weekly classes available for both children and adults in yoga and creative activities.

Club Camps

The Colour Club Camps are one of a kind! We’ll keep kiddos, moving, making, playing, singing, dancing, and smiling while they are with us.

Everyone Belongs

Our teachers & facilitators have worked with people of all ages and abilities, we look forward to welcoming and including everyone in the club.

Connecting & Creating

The Colour Club is a safe welcoming space where we can be ourselves, explore new things meet new people, make and meet up with friends.

Everybody needs somebody! We’ve all been through a lot over the past few years, there have been really low moments and then glimpses of hope, kindness and care.

Let’s get together and keep the kindness going strong, it really is so powerful!

Making & Moving

Our classes and events are all about feeling good while making, messing, moving and grooving!

We love to laugh and truly believe in the power of a simple smile, a friendly word, and a bit of fun!

Playing together, laughing loudly and finding friends.