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About the Club

What’s it all about?

The Colour Club is a welcoming and inclusive space for children and adults to play, explore, learn, make, move or just sit and be, whatever your age or ability.

A bright and cosy spot, where people can go to feel comfortable, accepted, held, and hopefully happy in the moment that they are there.

Our vision is for children and adults of all abilities to live colourful, creative, and connected lives full of magic moments and fun.

The club itself is a growing and changing creation that we’d love you to be part of!

What we do

We provide classes, workshops, events, camps, and parties for everybody and every age.

Our classes and events include yoga, art, crafts, design, therapeutic play, music, movement, relaxation, and meditation.

We are open!

We opened the doors to our colourful clubhouse on the 11th of July 2022 for a jam-packed summer of camps and we had our fab official opening on the 14th of August 2022!


Kindness & Compassion

Kindness really is the cornerstone that the club has been built upon.

It starts with practicing kindness to ourselves so that we can project and promote compassion for others from within.

Comfort & Safety

In order to be at ease and comfortable, we all need to feel safe in our surroundings.

We hope to create a cosy inviting clubhouse where you can relax and feel at home.

Colour & Creativity

Colour has the power to change how we feel in an instant. We all have a favourite colour, or two or ten!

When we surround ourselves with colour & creativity, it really can lift us up.

Connection & Community

People need people, we are social beings that thrive when we have friendships and relationships that enrich our lives.

A sense of belonging to a larger group or community has a hugely positive impact on our collective wellbeing.

Individuality & Inclusivity

None of us are made the same way, and in the club, we celebrate these differences.

We offer inclusive classes that encourage both children and adults to embrace their individuality and express themselves through movement and making.

Here & Now

Living mindfully in our day to day lives has a measurable impact on our overall wellbeing and sense of happiness.

We weave mindful moments into the club and all of our classes and events.